A music & artwork collaboration:
Music & lyrics by Pieter Van Vaerenbergh
Artwork by Menio Folie

Zel means diligence in Romanian.

The fundamental concept started in 2016. For almost a year Pieter has been silently working on 13 new songs. He is fascinated with arranging all instruments to create a whole song and story.

In order to transform his ideas into an album, he needed to build a home studio where he could perform, record and mix. The studio was named “Shikimi Studio”. During composing, the colour of the lights in the room were adapted to the atmosphere in the music.

In the meanwhile his cousin Menio Folie created the artwork to give the music an image. The name “Zelon” was thereby integrated in the face of a fantasy creature.

The single artwork for the song "Rising" is a drawing on a beer mat, made by Roel Dhallé on a night out at jazz club "Jazzoet".

Debut album "Upset Sunset"

Zelon’s debut album “Upset Sunset” is available worldwide. It was released on March 20, 2017 by Pieter's own record label “Shikimi Records”. "Rising" is a new single released on November 4, 2017.

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